In my attempts to fix computer issues, learn web development, PHP coding, and do a little comparison shopping, online forums (discussion boards) have been a solid source of information — not all of it good, and that’s probably my fault as much as anyone else’s. Obviously, like with any information from any source, you have to analyze it and determine whether there’s any value in it. It may all be good, or some or none. The point is other people have publicly asked the same questions I need answers to. How cool is that!


The other bonus of online forums is the sense of community available to you if it’s a forum you frequent enough (is that redundant?). The only forum I regularly visit, and contribute to, is, an online community for voiceover people sponsored by — a voiceover job marketplace for voice talent and talent seekers. The discussion board is a great place to share information on the voice industry. The people who hang around there are very supportive, routinely polite, and definitely talented if a bit frustrated by changes in the industry. You’ll see. Whether you’re a voice actor or a talent seeker, I think it’s worth a visit. In general, online forums can be a terrific resource. For voice talent, talent seekers, and especially Voice123 members, definitely is.

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