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If you have a question not listed below, just send me an email.

How much do you charge?
For non-broadcast projects (explainer videos, corporate videos, technical, medical or industry narrations and voicemail/IVR), I generally charge .40 per word plus $100 base fee per recording/post-production session. For all broadcast voiceovers, TV, radio and high-traffic websites, please contact me for a free voiceover quote and provide the size of the market for the project.
Are you a union voice over talent?
No. The unions may be a great help to commercial voice actors, but they have little impact on the corporate markets from which I derive most of my work.
Do you charge the same for Spanish voiceovers as you do for English?
Yes. My rates vary only due to the type of voiceover service, not the language you need. I charge more for technical narration and broadcast voiceover.
Are you a native Spanish speaker?
Spanish was my first language, although I was born here in the U.S. I learned English by the time I was four years old. I’m fluent in both Spanish and English and speak both languages every day.
Do you provide translation services?
Yes, but only on short voiceover projects I am hired to do. There is a separate charge for translations. I don’t provide translation for long projects, like audiobooks. I prefer not to do medical or highly technical translations with specialized terms unless I’m fluent with the industry terms. Definitely ask me. If I can review the script, I’ll know instantly if it’s cost-effective for you to have me do the translation.
Can you also help me with my script?

If I see a translation or other error in a script, I will (and have) let clients know right away. Sometimes, I’ll record original and corrected versions to meet a deadline, if it’s only a few words, a line at most. I can do this at no added cost. Some clients, for example, have translated entire messages, including a website address. But when I check the web, I see they haven’t actually created a Spanish version of the webpage, and that nothing resolves to the address in the message. It’s something a lot of clients miss when they deliver a translated script to me for voicing.

Although I’m a trained radio scriptwriter and have written ad copy as well, these aren’t services I market here, and it’s certainly not something I automatically do or include with my voiceover rate. If you need help, let me know. You can also check my blog for tips. See, for example: 7 Steps to More Effective Voice-over Scripts.

How do you deliver a completed project?
It depends on the client’s preference. Mostly, as a zipped email attachment, but also through Dropbox or FTP. For larger projects with many audio files, I’ll use cloud-based file transfers or FTP.
Can you deliver audio files in any audio format?
I support all standard audio formats and codecs for compressed and uncompressed audio: .wav, .aiff, .mp3, .aac, mp4, .au (PCM, A-law, Β΅-law), etc.
Do you speak with a regional dialect in English or Spanish? Do you have an accent?
Both my natural speaking voice and voiceover delivery are rather neutralized. My English is fairly non-regional North American English. It is my second language, and I initially learned to speak English by listening to network news anchors, Lucille Ball, and Batman. This was before I started attending school. I was fluent by age four. My Spanish is also non-regional but clearly for Spanish speakers from South and Central America and the Caribbean rather than Europe. Neutralized languages choose the words and pronunciations that can be most broadly understood by speakers of a specific multinational, multicultural language like Spanish which is spoken in over 21 countries.
Can you do a Castilian Spanish dialect?
Yes. Half my family is from Cuba and half from Spain, so I grew up hearing both European and Caribbean Spanish dialects. My grandmother had a very pronounced Castilian accent.
What’s the difference between American Spanish and European Spanish? Is it just the way Castilians pronounce “c” and “z”?
Definitely not. First, European Spanish isn’t just the Castilian dialect though that’s the most common. An often overlooked difference is in word choices. American Spanish borrows from North American English. For example, here “cell phone” would be “telΓ©fono celular.” But European Spanish routinely borrows from British English (and French). The Brits, for example, refer to a cell phone as “a mobile” and in Spain, it’s “un mΓ³vil.” Also “s” in European Spanish often sounds a bit more present because the placement of the tongue is further from the lips, slightly behind the bottom teeth. It’s subtle but can be noticeable, as are other variations in pronunciation. The South American dialects also vary quite a bit. My Spanish is rather neutral and softly articulate. I am easily understood by Spanish speakers from a multitude of countries and with varying dialects. When I provide non-regional translations, I definitely avoid slangs and purposely use words most widely in use when I have a choice.
I see you accept credit cards through PayPal. What if I want to pay by check?
My company accepts business checks from established U.S. businesses or individuals personally known to us. Whether you pay through check or PayPal, we also request complete, verifiable contact information from every client. We don’t sell or share your contact information with anyone outside our business. You can review my privacy policy for more details.
Do you charge late fees?
My company has a late fee policy, but we have yet to implement it thanks to our reliable clients. A late fee covers administrative costs in chasing down payments. It’s important that clients understand that my company retains copyright on all voiceover audio files we produce. If we grant you a buy-out, it means you are free to use my voiceover under the terms of the buy-out, usually in perpetuity, without having to pay anything further. However, there is no permissible use of any of my voiceover services with an unpaidΒ or underpaid invoice. Also, you may not re-sell my voiceover audio files to any third-party without my written permission.
Do you provide volume discounts?
Sure, but only if we can agree on a mutually beneficial written contract that includes some guarantee on the volume of work. Usually, I stipulate a threshold amount. If you meet or exceed the threshold, you receive the discount. If you fall below the threshold in a given month, you pay regular rates.
Do you have a phone patch?
Yes, but I don’t use it. At present, I’m not available to do live recording sessions at all. On short commercial projects with specific production direction, I can provide multiple reads. The bulk of my work is voicemail/IVR/message-on-hold and corporate narration that doesn’t require live direction.
Do you have any acting experience?
Yes. I was a performing arts major. I’m trained in acting, voice, singing, and improvisation. I’m a former member of Florida Actor’s Equity and was privileged to receive some training from Josh Logan many years ago.
Do you provide any pro bono voice over services?
I contribute services from time to time for various non-profit causes on projects that are completely volunteer-based, especially for children’s projects like the Holiday Magic CD project for Miami Children’s Hospital. Great fun!

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