Contact information and proprietary materials and project details remain in the strictest confidence. This includes proprietary information provided for audition purposes and price quotes.

No email addresses or client mailing lists are bought, sold or distributed. does not engage in any email mass marketing.

I may discuss in my blog or elsewhere, in general terms, my experiences in particular voiceover projects. Portions of completed projects are featured in voiceover demos or online voice showcases only with the client’s prior permission. will never request client Social Security numbers, banking, credit card numbers, or other financial information. Credit card payments are accepted only through Paypal, which precludes the need for sharing financial information.

Although your computer may cache images and audio from this web site, does not monitor your online experience, send Internet cookies or otherwise breach your web privacy.

Your non-disclosure agreements are acceptable provided that they include a provision allowing disclosure of such information or materials as may be required by law.

Nikki Saco
Saco Media LLC

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