After 23 seasons, The Simpsons, may be silenced by Fox. The network says the voice actors are making too much money and apparently has asked the cast to take a 45% pay cut. Yikes!


The cast has reportedly countered with an offer to take a 30% pay cut in exchange for a percentage of profit from merchandising and syndication. That sounds like a pretty good deal all the way around, but this doesn’t appear to be a negotiation on Fox’s part.

I hope that changes since, in addition to this talented cast, the show’s cancellation would put a considerable number of writers, directors, animators, sound designers and other crew members out of work.

In 1992 six voice actors from The Simpsons were the first-ever recipients of a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance, a juried award with no nominees until 2009 when it was turned into a category award.

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