Meet Todd Resnick. Todd is CEO at Resnick Interactive Group, a voice over casting company he started in 2000. Resnick Interactive is a full-service voice over company specializing in voice over recording, voice over directing and voice over production for today’s animation, advertisements and games.Todd is a business owner, teacher, producer, engineer, casting director with fifteen years in the music production and video game development industries and has worked with some of today’s well known companies, networks and publishers including Mattel, Blizzard, Marvel, Simon and Schuster, and many other storied franchises.

Todd also provides a generous blog with useful content about the voiceover industry from many more perspectives than I can provide as a voice actor working primarily in corporate voiceover. So as part of my continued efforts to pass along good information on our industry, I hope you’ll visit his web site and see all the great things Todd and Resnick Interactive Group have to offer.

Happy Holidays!

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