A couple months ago, I had the pleasure of working with documentary filmmaker, Robert Marcarelli, on a new film he was producing and directing based on David Batstone’s book, Not for Sale: The Return of the Global Slave Trade — And How We Can Fight It. I did the English-language voice overs for two Peruvian ladies featured in the Generación segment of the film. The DVD was released April 27th and is available at the Freedom Store at NotForSaleCampaign.Org. All proceeds go to fund the campaign, which seeks to abolish slavery in our lifetime. The message in the book and film is positive; it says people can make a difference.


My voice over projects all offer different types of challenges, and rewards (including the opportunity to work with and meet terrific clients, potential clients, and other great people in the voiceover industry). I don’t often get an opportunity to do character narration which is in itself a pleasant challenge. I’m pleased to have been involved in this particular project and am delighted to share this information with you. The producers of the film and people involved with abolishing modern slavery are of course hugely in favor of raising public awareness. To that end, they have encouraged those of us involved with the film to get the word out and let people know that the DVD can be freely screened at your homes, churches, community centers, wherever people gather.

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