Whew! Some people are pretty eager to share their opinions about healthcare reform. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bias — and too much of it is based on other biased opinions instead of the actual text of the proposed legislation.  Funny how that happens. But then who has time to read over a 1,000 pages of proposed legislation? Not me. However, I do have time to read a few pages every now and then, and so apparently do other voice actors.

Thanks to my friends, Kat Keesling and Diane Havens, founders of HearTheBill.org, now you can hear the proposed legislation for yourself. All of HR 3200 is now available in audio and the Chairman’s Mark is being recorded now. I did two sessions of the Mark. I’m not sure when the audio will be available, but QC moves pretty fast over at HearTheBill.org.  Pretty impressive.

I’m very pleased to have had the chance to help with this project and look forward to doing more.

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