Today I came across this great article from AudioTuts+ providing an overview of current cloud backup solutions: 10 Secure Online Backup Solutions for Pro Audio.

Audio files can get pretty big. Maintaining both archives and current work product onsite, especially in disaster-prone areas, can be impractical. And of course, audio files aren’t the only things you’ll want to back up. Your business files including client lists and accounting records are important enough to store in more than one place; wouldn’t you agree? So definitely check out some or all of these great backup solutions and start storing your voiceover demos, session files, bills and contact information in the cloud for safekeeping

Added Bonus: Go Mobile!

Another great thing about many of these backup solutions is the ability to go mobile and have easy access to your files anywhere you have an Internet or cellular connection. Carbonite, Dropbox, and, for example, all have iOS apps that I use on my iPad. So, in many cases, I don’t have to turn on my computer just to access an important file. Pretty cool.

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